A picture of me at the summit of Mt. Tallac with Lake Tahoe in the background I write about the nature of representation in cognition, science, and art.

My research draws on evidence from psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience to uncover the structure of higher cognition and its relations to perception, action, the body, and the world. I also investigate the experimental and modeling strategies used by the cognitive and behavioral sciences to explain the workings of the mind/brain.

I have written art criticism for a number of venues. Recently I have begun to work on topics in the philosophy of art, including images and the limits of representation and the genealogy of modernism.

I received my BA from UC Berkeley in 1996 and my MA from Brown University in 1999, both in philosophy. In 2003, I received my Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology.

Since Fall 2009 I have been in the philosophy department at Georgia State University. I am also an associate faculty member in the Neuroscience Institute. I am the editor of the Concepts area of PhilPapers and an Associate Editor for the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

Department of Philosophy
Georgia State University
P.O. Box 3994
Atlanta, GA 30302-3994

Email: dweiskopf@gsu.edu
Profiles: ORCID; ResearchGate; Academia.edu; PhilPapers; GoodReads